Isle of Whalsay - A thriving fishing community

Whalsay with its heritage rooted in fishing, is the centre of this industry in Shetland. Important archaeological sites and a wealth of birds, seals and wild flowers make it a fascinating destination for a day trip or a longer stay.

Just five miles long by two miles wide, Whalsay has easy and attractive coastal walks with magnificent cliff scenery.

Some useful information about WHALSAY:

Shops: Symbister, Harldale, Sodom and Booth Park
Petrol: Symbister and Booth Park
Public Toilets: Symbister, Skaw and South Play Par
Post Office: Harlsdale
Public Telephones: Symbister (ferry terminal) and Brough crossroads.
Police Station: Gardentown, Tel: 01806 566432
Churches: Brough, (church hall Symbister).
Doctor: North Park, Tel: 01806 566219
Doctor Marshall, Tel: 01806 566501
Relief Doctor, Tel: 01806 566203
Leisure Centre & Swimming Pool Symbister, Tel: 01806 5666678
Ferry Booking Office: Symbister, Tel: 01806 566259
Golf Course: Skaw, Tel: 01806 566483 or 01806 566481


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